RJ Cavalier is a tenured construction management and procurement professional with vast experience in strategic planning, local, national and global purchasing, remodel and new construction for both residential and commercial industries, and disaster recovery. His niche is professional partnership with underperforming businesses to resolve procurement and planning challenges to increase profitability and growth. Additionally, his relationship building skill-set has played a vital role in the successful efforts of leading international teams to form profitable alliances with some of the world's largest companies. RJ leads national procurement initiatives and activities related to the construction, technology and mortgage industry. Recent initiatives include demand planning, strategic sourcing as well as developing and managing strategic partner relationships with industry vendors.  RJ's developed vendor network has also been vital to company growth with in the real estate investment sector, which is responsible for over 10,000 residential rentals and over 20,000 preservation inspections per year.

RJ has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. He graduated on the President's List in the top 10% of his class.

His passion is missions work, both locally by serving his community and internationally. He has visited Haiti twice to aid in the rebuild process after the devastating earthquake in 2010 and also South Africa. He has worked in disaster rescue and recovery, assisting hundreds of homeowners after major disaster events such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

Andrew “Andy” Zeringue is a professional medical device sales representative by day and runs his custom furniture company Rustic Rooster Woodworks at night. ( He is a father a 2 beautiful children (Madeline & Cooper) and has been married to his wife Jessica for 9 years. Andy has been a craftsman his entire life with his late Grandfather Jack having instilled the love of the trade in him as a child.
Thought out Andy’s childhood in South Louisiana his family was very involved in their church and volunteer work. He says he can still remember working in a Red Cross shelter and delivering supplies to victims of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. As result of his passion for helping others in need and his work ethic he is always out volunteering his time. He has been a friend of RJ’s for years and in the March 2016 floods in Louisiana they gutted over 20 homes together. When these current floods happened Andy and his friends around him knew where to find him and that was on the other end of a wet piece of sheetrock volunteering his time with his wife and their church family.


Paul LaGrange is a Certified Energy Star Rater and an independent energy consultant. He built energy-efficient homes for more than a decade and retains his contractor’s license. So, he understands how to work with you, your builder, and your sub-contractors. He is uniquely qualified to specify construction techniques, materials and equipment to assure that your new home or existing project meets the standards and delivers the benefits you want – cost-effectively. Paul also shares his experience through teaching at Louisiana State University, through his radio show on WWL, and through his blog.


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