Friday, September 2, 2016

Hire a Pro or Get a Con

“Hire a pro or get a con”
OK, I know that’s strong language and, of course, everyone who is not a professional is not a con artist but somewhere in between is a well-intentioned "handyman" who kinda, sorta knows how to fix the problem.

In times of disaster recovery, we are blessed to have so many people with a heart to serve -- faith-based organizations, neighbors and friends who want to help. The good news is that the State often suspends or relaxes licensing laws to help expedite the rebuilding of a devastated area.  The bad news is that this opens the door for schemers to take advantage of homeowners who want to put their lives back together. 
SO... what do you do when you need a pro, but there are simply not enough professional contractors to help with renting dehumidifiers, buying effective chemicals, hauling away the debris? It seems overwhelming, but with the correct resources you could become your own Project Manager - be the master of your future and know that you are investing wisely in the rehabilitation of your home.

There are TWO resources that are incredibly helpful in knowing how to do this important work.  The IICRC S-520 (which can be purchased online as an electronic book) and the NORMI DIY Mold Removal Guide (downloadable at are valuable resources and they don’t take long to learn!  YOU could know more than most about how to do this work yourself, so you can put your home and your life back together.

Get informed now.

Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI
Mr. Hoffman is considered an expert in the construction field on mold and related indoor air quality contaminants and speaks regularly on national radio programs, TV, and through NORMI's YouTube channel at