Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Proof for Insurance and FEMA

Do we need to wait for insurance before I do anything? 
  NO!!!! Insurance has to make you whole. Do your job, file your claim, take pictures and get bids. Keep all receipts!!!! You do what you need to do to get your home whole as fast as possible and give them the evidence a sad long as you can prove that the work was justified by having 3 bids by licensed contractors, you have the right to use whoever you want. What insurance will not cover is if you do not do your job and let mold take over your home. They will not pay for that! I cannot over emphasize enough, get a licensed mold remediation company out to your home and have it mold tested before closing the walls. ALWAYS have a different company do the test than the one who remediated. I have used Servepro, Service Master, and many others, but All-Dry came through at the last flood event when other could not. I am getting nothing for saying this. Ask people who used them, they were great!!!!! Tell Paul at All-Dry I sent you and he will put you at the top of the list! (504) 952-3030. 

Do you recommend leaving a couple inches of Sheetrock for proof for insurance?
No, just document with photos, try to get time stamped.  I believe most phones now encrypts time stamp of the time and date in the file. Date/time as well as GPS location in most cases is encrypted in the descriptive meta data of the photo. There are some apps you can use to see it.


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