Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Air Conditioning and Mechanicals

Should you run your a/c if it is still partially under water?  
Typically the condenser is pretty water proof. I would rather get the humidity out of your home with dehumidifier than your a/c due to spreading mold spores throughout your duct work, but if all you have is a/c, I would say go for it. When asking an A/C professional, they said "let a service tech make the call when he looks at it. I can't tell someone it's OK to run it without putting my eyes on it, for safety and liability reasons. If water is just touching the bottom of the coils I don't see a problem. When it starts getting close to electrical wires, bad things can happen. Once the water is not in the unit I say run it. It will help dehumidify the house." Also please buy the best filter you can buy and change regularly for the coming weeks. You want to prevent spreading contaminants and dust as best as possible.

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