Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About Cabinets

What about cabinets? Should they be removed?
Unfortunately this is a question that is hard for people. I say ALL lower cabinets need to go. If someone says different, you are more than welcome to take your chances. Sheetrock wicks moisture, and in doing so it gets between the Rock and the back of the cabinet as well as below the cabinet. This is a perfect breeding ground for mold. Many cabinets can be saved if you are careful and then the kick plates and sides can be re-skinned once dry. It is very difficult to get most counters off in one piece though. I know this is a place many people try to save money and really fight to not do, but you should remove them. 

I received a call saying that an insurance adjuster told a family to NOT remove cabinets. And it would be a week before he could get there. I need an insurance adjuster to comment to this. Leaving cabinets will leave you exposed to mold. My recommendation would be to have a licensed GC or mitigation company write a letter saying they need to come out then remove them. I suspect this is an adjusted that doesn't have a clue!!! I have NEVER seen a claim for cabinets counters or appliances denied after a flood even if it was low water!!!!

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